Masoor Dal Whole / लाल मसूर साबुत

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Masoor dal/red lentils fulfill your daily protein requirements and can be used as everyday meal ingredients. Red lentils are obtained from completely natural processes and are free from additives.

Nutritional Information

Omega Mongers; Masoor Dal Whole/ Red Lenthil is full of iron, calcium and protein. Along with these nutrients, a bowl of  Masoor Dal Whole also contains dietary fibres, vitamins and all the other nutrients that are required for your body. A 100g serving of Red Lenthil Whole contains 0g trans fat and 0mg cholesterol. The calorie count per serving of Masoor Dal Whole is 350.38. If leading a healthy life is your mantra, then switch to  Masoor Dal Whole by Omega Mongers today!