Premium Brown Basmati Rice / प्रीमियम ब्राउन बासमती चावल

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Brown rice is an unrefined, unpolished, long & whole grain which is produced by removing the surrounding hull of the rice kernel. Its grain retains its nutrient-dense bran and germ layer. It is chewier as compared to white rice and has a nutty flavor. Organic Brown Basmati Rice has no artificial additives and has the lowest starch content. This is definitely a healthy addition to your meal.

Nutritional Information
Omega Mongers' Organic Brown Basmati Rice is a great source of protein, calcium and iron. Apart from these, a bowl of Organic Brown Basmati Rice contains dietary fibers, sodium and all the nutrients that are necessary for your body. A 100g serving of Organic Brown Basmati Rice contains 0g trans fat and 0mg cholesterol. The calorie count per serving of Organic Brown Basmati Rice is 375.21.

According to HSPH, the fiber in brown rice helps lower cholesterol, moves waste through the digestive tract, promotes fullness, and may help prevent the formation of blood clots. Brown rice is considered a low "glycemic index" food.

If living a healthy life is your goal, then switch to Organic Brown Basmati Rice by Omega Mongers today!