Chikoo/ Sapota

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Chikoo has a grainy texture and a mildly musky flavour. The soft fleshy fruit is scooped out to make smoothies, jams and delectable desserts. A good source of dietary fibre, the pulp of this fruit functions as an excellent laxative. The umpteen amount of minerals calcium, phosphorus, copper and iron present in sapota help to strengthen the bone. The presence of copper in sapota is pivotal for the health of bones, promotes muscle and tissue strength. Regular intake of chikoo can greatly improve bone quality.
Chikoo is a storehouse of Vitamin E, A and C, all of which are great for skin health and has amazing moisturising properties. The presence of antioxidants like ascorbic acid, polyphenols, and flavonoids help in reducing wrinkles and makes your skin plumper.