Our Story

As an IT professional and MBA in marketing from SP Jain, I decided to build my very own online grocery business. To include organic products to our kitty, I approached a Doctor by profession cum passionate organic farmer, and visited his farm. From there I understood the true meaning of organic food and the damaging effects of conventional farming. That day I had sleepless night and wondered how ignorantly and innocently, I had been serving poison to my family. The very next morning I decided to quit eating and selling conventional food and started out to meet honored Padamshree Mr Bharat Bhushan Tyagi Ji, to understand more about organic farming practices.
From him I learnt more about organic farming and how pesticides and harmful chemicals are ruining the fertility of soil and causing health hazards to growers and consumers alike. I also understood the plight of farmers willing to cultivate organically and the need for linking them with quality product market. My interaction with the gentleman lasted a couple of hours but the impact stays with me till today.
From that day, I started digging deeper into the organic world, meeting like-minded people, farmers, farmer producer organizations & corporate s who shared common goal for spreading awareness and promote Organic like never before.  It also turned out that Organic food may seem to cost more in the short term. However, the long-term cost of non-organic agriculture, both to ourselves and the environment, is incalculable.
Apart from leaving chemical residues in the water and land, and poisoning wildlife, conventional farming uses more crude oil than any other industry, in the manufacture of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Millions of tons of topsoil are washed into the seas because soil structure is broken down by chemical fertilizers.
Tons of pesticides, including insecticides herbicides and fungicides are used in India every year and the consumption graph has been moving upward for many states. More than half of these harmful chemicals are known to cause cancer and birth defects. Somehow we have allowed ourselves to be convinced that food can be exposed to such poisons without absorbing them - this has been proven to be wrong!
It was evident that buying organic food is the best way to encourage farmers to farm organically and stop the spread of poison in the land, the water supply and our food.
I felt ever so strongly about my role towards conserving the environment and my love for animals and nature gave way to what is popularly known as “Omega Mongers Organics”.
Although organic food is more widely available now than ever before, it is still necessary to encourage your local shop or supermarket to stock organic food by buying regularly. More than that, fresh food grown as nature intended, produces a depth and quality of flavour that is all too easily lost in conventional farming.

Our Mission
To encourage farmers to grow “Natural Organic food” that is Pesticide free and
Chemical free, which enriches the soil, promotes bio-diversity and helps building
a healthy nation.

Our Vision

  • To build sustainable organic value chain management which does not compromise with quality
  • To build a healthy nation by providing access to safe and healthy food for all
  • To make organic farming the conventional way of farming