10 Reasons you should buy organic

10 Reasons you should buy organic

Eating organic food is one of the most important contributions we can make to benefit our health and to protect the planet.
  1. Safe food for future generations
  2. Keep chemicals off your plate and out of your body
  3. Prevent deadly diseases like Cancer
  4. Protect water quality
  5. Enjoy great flavor and nutrition
  6. Reduce global warming and save energy
  7. Prevent soil erosion
  8. Help small farmers
  9. Help restore and maintain biodiversity
  10. Overall well being of your Mind and Body

Organic food may seem to cost more in the short term. However, the long-term cost of non-organic agriculture, both to ourselves and the environment, is incalculable. Apart from leaving chemical residues in the water and land, and poisoning wildlife, conventional farming uses more crude oil than any other industry, in the manufacture of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Million of tons of topsoil are washed into the seas because soil structure is broken down by chemical fertilizers.

Although organic food is more widely available now than ever before, it is still necessary to encourage your local shop or supermarket to stock organic food by buying regularly.

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